It can be hard to achieve your new year’s resolution especially when it’s all about fitness. So what to do now? Well, you’ve come to the right place as we are going to give you 3 essential tips how to obtain your fitness new year’s resolution.

Go for a Fun and Feasible Choice

Keeping a fun and simple workout routine is a viable choice. No need to plan some imaginary kickboxing classes, or imagined Olympic power lifting sessions. These very ambitious but unobtainable plans will just go down to the drain.

Plan an easy and obtainable routine that you can do for yourself that also fits on your schedule. Team sports such as skiing is fun to do but they’re hard to achieve if you want to include it on your everyday routine. Instead, choose an activity that you can do at home or at the gym. Some of the basics like running, weight lifting, and calisthenics should also be included in your list.

A workout can become tedious if there’s no fun factor on it. It’s normal to become bored when doing your routine over and over again. To make things fun and engaging, listen to music as you do your workouts. Having music around can make a difference as it can ensure you that your workout stays fresh and can also keep you motivated to workout more.

You know your own body more than anyone else, so it’s better to take care of your body and choose an activity that it can handle regularly. You may experience pain, and a little discomfort but you can’t gain something without a little pain. But when it starts to hurt your body from doing it again, it’s time to slow it down or try something different that’s easier for you. If you’re that person that’s struggling to maintain a fitness routine in the past, then it’s better to choose some easier ones that’s suitable for you. Low-impact activities such as cycling, and running can keep your fitness plan going.

Stick to a Realistic Routine

It’s not necessary to build an intense and impressive workout plan to stay fit. It’s all about including exercise in your everyday life. So building a small but realistic routine is the best way to go.

Choosing a fun and engaging activity that you can do by yourself that can fit on your everyday schedule is a must. If you can only exercise for 20 minutes a week, then start there. A little exercise is better than no exercise at all. Choose the best schedule that you can fit in everyday that’s not going to interfere your other activities. Think of it as important meetings and schedule them around. Once you start exercising, it can be a habit that you’ll do every day.

Keep your Goals on Sight and Track your Results

Setting realistic and obtainable goals and tracking your progress can help you keep motivated for doing more. Choose a weight, waistline, or body fat percentage that you think you can achieve. Don’t soar high especially if you’re just getting started, having the perfect body is not an instant job. By setting and meeting small but successive goals, you can definitely maintain your routine in no time.

Write down all your goals that you want to achieve. Tracking your progress is important too to know if you’re doing well or not. If you don’t have a clear idea of what you want to achieve, you’ll be having a hard time pursuing yourself to continue your own goal.

Before starting your fitness adventure, it’s best to measure your weight and waistline first. You can also get some inexpensive body calipers to measure your body fat. Write down your body measurement goals and keep measuring throughout your exercise routine to keep track on how you’re doing. Set some weekly workout targets like how many miles you can run or bike, calories you want to burn, or average heartrate you want to maintain during your workout. Setting such goals can help you keep the pace and motivate you to do more.

Now that technology has taken over, your smartphone can now keep track of your fitness data. Apps such as Google Fit for android and Apple Health for iOS can help you see how your fitness journey is doing. Some of these fitness apps can also share your workout data between other fitness apps. An app such as CycleCast can sync your heart rate data and body measurements from Apple Health to provide you more accurate workout results of how you’re doing.

If you may find these tracking and measuring too overwhelming for you, no need to worry. The important thing is you can set your own achievable goal without pressuring yourself. This year, don’t get your hopes high by starting strong and eventually fade away thereafter. Choose a plan that your body can do. Set a routine that can fit on your schedule and start working out!