Pasta is one of the most beloved food items for people of all ages. Most of us of an ignore how much hard work goes into making that amazing plate of Pasta which we divide in a matter of seconds. Seldom going to the specifics of the method in which pasta is made.  the specific include the shape, thickness, variance in cut as well as the texture of your pasta. Using a heavy meat sauce or a light broth is a question which makes a real difference when it comes to cooking pasta. For anybody who wishes to not just eat pasta but also understand thought process which was behind it we bring to you some proper information on the types of pasta that can be offered.


There is various type of sizes available in the market for shell pasta.  the choice would depend on the way you wish to use it. for example, largest cells can be stuffed and baked but the smaller ones can only be added to soups and stews.


The name for this pasta came from the word Bell flowers translated to Italian which might be owed to the unique shape. This shape captures creamy or meaty sauces and tastes great with cheese as well.



This sort of pasta has a stark resemblance to Spaghetti and can be differentiated by looking at it and understanding that it’s hollow nature makes it more unusual. Because of the same reason the pasta tastes really good when stewed in a broth or with stir fry recipe.

Angel Hair

Name owed to the thickness of the pasta, it is believed that this is the thinnest type of Pasta which is made of extremely long and fight and which helps it to cook very quickly. Sauces used as delicate which would range from a very light broth or really light tomato sauce.

Acini di Pepe

A literal translation would mean “small parts of the paper” because of the extremely small size and rounded shape. People also refer to it as pastina and it is a very versatile pasta which can be put in varying set of dishes. Chefs put this kind of Pasta onto a cold salad or even into really hot soup.


Made traditionally from potato, egg and flour, this pasta has soft dumplings which are small in size. this is a really fulfilling recipe and goes well with rich sources while having the capability of standing up to baking.


If we literally translated the Italian, the word would mean little ears, probably named after the shape of this pasta. The shape resembles that of a pasta bowl and collects the sauce perfectly. Mostly used with heavy sauces and the shape not just catches vegetables but also meat.